Immunology of gene transfer: a crucial issue

The immune system, a vital ally to be understood to make gene therapy treatments even more accessible. Around fifteen experts at Genethon are committed to identifying and controlling interactions between the immune system and gene therapy vectors.

The function of the immune system is to preserve the body’s integrity by neutralizing elements that too heavily disrupt the balance that it maintains with its environment. It learns not to react to the food that we ingest, or the pollen that we breathe in, while retaining its ability to counteract a pathogen that has become too invasive. Drug genes are brought into the cells by carriers, “vectors” of viral origin. This can lead the immune system to get confused and want to reject the treatment, limiting its therapeutic effectiveness and causing adverse effects.

Work conducted for the last twenty years has helped refine immuno-modulating treatments, able to better control these adverse effects against gene therapy treatment while preserving the immune system’s essential protective function.   Furthermore, a number of parameters have been identified that influence the occurrence of immune responses, such as constitution of the drug vector itself or its ability to screen a particular tissue in the body. In some clinical trials, long-term therapeutic benefits were obtained over the course of around fifteen years. 

Limits remain, however, such as the ineligibility of patients with natural immunity against the vector or who develop a response directed against the gene drug, or the possibility of treating a young patient several times if they need it.

An Immunology program at Genethon

Aware of the essential issue of immune responses for the introduction of gene therapy treatments that are safe and accessible to as many patients as possible, Genethon pursues an Immunology program, which three areas of focus are:

-identification of new immuno-modulating pathways to overcome the current limits imposed by the immune system,
-better characterization of interactions between the immune system and gene transfer vectors,
-preclinical and clinical follow-up (biomarkers, immuno-monitoring) of immune responses.

Within Genethon and/or members of UMR Inserm S951 – Integrare (Immunology and Liver Diseases team and Immunology and Biotherapies team), around 15 people work on this program devoted to immunology, including researchers, post-doctoral fellows, technicians and engineers, as well as PhD students.

The program uses Genethon’s platforms/services:  3 cytometers (Cytoflex LX, Cytoflex S , Sony SP6800) and a MoFlo Astrios EQ cell sorter; several imaging machines (confocal TCS SP8 Leica, AMNIS Image Stream); immunohistochemistry; production of AAV and lentiviral vectors; and an animal facility managed by the Genopole at Evry, where Genethon has several dozen strains.

They support us

Recent publications

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