The DNA School

The purpose of the DNA School is to inform a broad audience about this “DNA science” which evolves particularly quickly, and to elicit vocational interest by presenting research and its professions, from basic research to medications.

The DNA School

Founded in 2005 and managed according to the original concept of the DNA School in Nîmes, Genethon’s DNA School has developed several tools to help further the understanding of life sciences, of DNA in particular and its applications in biotechnologies. Its purpose is to inform a broad audience about this “DNA science” which evolves particularly quickly, and to elicit vocational interest by presenting its research and its professions.

Based on human mediation, our services adapt to all audiences, including families, schools, life sciences teachers, patient associations, but also companies, administrations, journalists, elected officials and individuals wishing to learn about genome technologies.

Our special contacts include cultural services or centers, media libraries, universities, labor-management committees and partners of Telethon, schools, festival organizers, patient associations and health organizations (regional health agencies, teaching hospitals, nursing training schools, etc.).

Personal experimentation is at the core of these workshops and events.
The techniques used by participants range from DNA extraction to analysis using laboratory tools.
A number of themes may be addressed, including genetic diseases, prenatal diagnosis, genetic signatures, gene therapy, stem cells and drug development professions.

You are a cultural actor, media library, forum/festival organizer, or shopping center

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You are a teacher, university, school, or academy

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AFM-Téléthon sponsors an annual “1,000 Researchers in Schools” program that enables schools to host a researcher free of charge.

Through this awareness-raising program for third to tweltfth graders, students are introduced to the world of research, research professions, and the challenges of developing innovative biomedicines for rare diseases for all.

You are an association of patients suffering from genetic diseases, public health agency/service, hospital, or training center for medical staff

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You are a company, works council, human resources department, or union

You want to increase your administrative staff’s technical knowledge in the field of life sciences and genetics or you are interested in a team building exercise. Collaborating with us is also an opportunity to support our work through the Telethon:

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We can respond to custom requests, thanks to the many educational tools we have developed for different audiences in our 15+ years of field experience.

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