GenoTher, biocluster in the field of gene therapy is officially launched

On March 25th, founders and partners of GenoTher, the award-winning biocluster of the French Innovation Santé 2030 plan, gathered for the association’s first constituent assembly and board meeting. This key milestone marks the launch of GenoTher, and the creation of an ecosystem unique in France and Europe to meet the scientific, technological, and economic challenges related to innovative therapies, particularly gene therapy.

Created by its founders – Genethon, Genopole, Assistance Publique-Hôpitaux de Paris (AP-HP), Inserm, Université d’Évry Paris-Saclay, Spark Therapeutics and Yposkesi, GenoTher is a biocluster of excellence with strong ambitions, anchored in a region that is a pioneer in gene therapy. GenoTher aims to create a unique ecosystem to accelerate the development of gene therapy, from research to industrial production, to innovate in technology and biomanufacturing, promoting the creation and financing of start-ups specialized in the field, and to foster training for researchers and entrepreneurs in the sector.

GenoTher’s action will unfold in several axes:

  • The development of specialized technology platforms, from research to industrial production.
  • The development of next-generation gene therapy technologies, including cutting-edge approaches to in vivo and ex vivo genome editing, and RNA-based therapies, to extend their fields of application. 
  • Disruptive innovation in biomanufacturing to drastically reduce the production costs of biomedicines and make them accessible to as many people as possible. 
  • Sharing clinical excellence: new databases and innovative clinical trial models will accelerate the development of therapeutic solutions. 
  • Training and skills development, through curricula dedicated to research, development, biomanufacturing and entrepreneurship.
  • Entrepreneurial programs and support for the creation, incubation and development of high-potential start-ups to guarantee the creation and retention of excellence in France.

GenoTher’s launch sends out a strong message to the scientific, medical, and industrial communities, consolidating France’s role as a leader in developing drugs and clinical trials in this field. The biocluster is a major asset in bolstering France’s competitiveness and attractiveness in an innovative branch of medicine that is vital to securing our country’s healthcare independence and economic development.