CYP7B1 mutations in pure and complex forms of hereditary spastic paraplegia type 5


Goizet, C., Boukhris, A., Durr, A., Beetz, C., Truchetto, J., Tesson, C., Tsaousidou, M., Forlani, S., Guyant-Marechal, L., Fontaine, B., Guimaraes, J., Isidor, B., Chazouilleres, O., Wendum, D.,Grid, D., Chevy, F., Chinnery, P.F., Coutinho, P., Azulay, J.P., Feki, I., Mochel, F., Wolf, C., Mhiri, C., Crosby, A., Brice, A. and Stevanin, G.:

Brain 132 (2009) 1589-600.

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