Fulvio Mavilio, the internationally acknowledged expert in gene therapy for rare diseases, is appointed as Genethon’s new Scientific Director

Fulvio Mavilio, PhD (aged 58), an internationalacknowledged expert and pioneer in gene therapy for rare diseases for more than twenty years, was appointed as the new Scientific Director of Généthon (the not-for-profit biotherapy lab funded by the French Muscular Dystrophy Association (AFM) with donations from France’s annual Telethon) on January 1st, 2012. He succeeds Philippe Moullier (Director of the INSERM 649 Viral Vectors and in vivo Gene Transfer Unit in Nantes, France), who had held the position since January 2009. Philippe Moullier remains a special advisor to the management and will continue his commitment to several of Généthon’s scientific projects.

 Read the press release – 17/01/2012  (2 pages – 140 ko)

The interview of Fulvio Mavilio (videos – in English):

 You were in France for the Telethon: what were your impressions?

 What is your professional background?

 Why did you choose to work at Genethon?

 What are your projects for Genethon?

 When you started working on gene therapy 20 years ago, did you ever think that things would go so fast?